What is DESK?

At CoinDesk, we are not just covering the story, we are a part of it. We have taken the lead in our industry by launching our own crypto token, DESK. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, DESK is a social token. It is designed to reward engaged members of the CoinDesk ecosystem and has no monetary value.

DESK enhances the Consensus experience by incentivizing attendee engagement across the festival grounds. Attendees can collect DESK by exploring all that the festival has to offer – visiting exhibition booths, attending panels, interacting with activations and more. It can be traded for Consensus merchandise, food and drinks and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

DESK Events

Using DESK

Set up Your CoinDesk Account

If you purchased your pass to Consensus 2023, you automatically have a CoinDesk account. If someone bought your pass for you, create a CoinDesk account at the link below.

Connect Your Crypto Wallet

You have the option to connect your crypto wallet, which will allow you to send your DESK to your private wallet. You can use Bitski, Coinbase, MetaMask and any other wallet that supports Polygon. Visit the DESK Hub for step-by-step instructions on how to do this. As DESK runs on the Polygon blockchain, make sure you have some MATIC tokens for gas fees to be able to transfer.

Learn More About DESK Ahead of Consensus

Explore the DESK Hub for how-to guides in DESK EDU, quest claim opportunities, a Help button to get personal support and more. Race to earn DESK rewards and snag limited, one-of-a-kind experiences by swiping from the Home tab to the Journey: Consensus 2023 tab.

Earning Desk

DESK Journeys

Journeys are multi-step quests that unlock enough DESK to redeem for food, beverage and swag onsite. There are three levels, each with a limited number of rewards. Race to complete all tasks on the Journey to win!

Spot DESK QR codes on posters and flyers and scan the QR on your smartphone. You’ll be sent to a coindesk.com DESK page to complete the task. (Stay safe: Check the URL. Ensure you’re on coindesk.com.)

Check in at registration, attend two sessions, visit sponsor booths and venues like the Gallery and CDTV Studio to redeem one of a few VIP passes to the Opening Party, Pro Pass lounge access and unlock other hidden quests.

Set up your CoinDesk account now to be ready for Journeys on-site!

Have a Virtual Pass? You can earn DESK on the livestream. Keep watching until the "Earn 25 DESK" button pops up.

DESK Quests

Quests are fun opportunities to earn DESK both online and IRL. Take quizzes, post tweets and find clues along the way.

Discover the #DESKChallenge Twitter quests and the DESK Treasure Hunt to follow the clues to a final destination.

Redeeming DESK

Spend Your Hard Earned Rewards Here

  • Food Hall 
  • Food trucks on 4th Street (outside of the Convention Center)
  • Drinks at DESK Hub daily 4-6 p.m.
  • Drinks at DESK Happy Hour at Native Bar & Cafe
  • Drinks at CoinDesk’s 10th Birthday Party (Thursday at Stubbs)
  • Swag at the DESK Hub
  • DJ DESK on Discord

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